Senior Data Scientist

Diversey - Fort Mill, SC

Data Scientist - Machine Learning

This position goes far beyond collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data. We are looking for someone with a deep knowledge of, and passion for Machine Learning who can look at data from many angles, make determinations and insights, and make recommendations for new products, services, and business models that build on our technical leadership and mission to create a healthier, safer life, for global citizens and a more sustainable environment for the future.

Whereas a traditional data analyst may look only at data from a single source like a CRM, you’ll often be using data from multiple disparate sources, and types gathered from thousands of global customers and smart machines around the world.

  • Build machine learning models using supervised and unsupervised modeling techniques

  • Prepare and present use cases, and business cases to technical and non-technical stakeholders and partners

  • Once use-cases are approved, automate the routine logics over a cloud-enabled service platform to maximize speed, efficiency, and delivery of insights

  • Explore and examine innovative ways to optimize the ‘cost-to-analyze’ though an intelligent application of machine learning toolsets


  • Masters degree with at least 2 years of relevant work experience, or Bachelor’s degree with at least 4 years relevant work experience.

  • Degree concentration in a quantitative or business discipline preferred.

  • Familiarity with machine learning tools and methods in a fast-paced business or research setting.

  • Advanced skill in supervised and unsupervised machine learning

  • Excellent verbal and team communication skills including ability to constructively interface with all levels of management and technical staff.

  • Excellent written communication skills, including ability to summarize complex technical information into compelling dashboards

  • Demonstrated analytical and organizational skills.

  • Demonstrated creative problem-solvingskills.



Position Contact
Joe Boyce
Managing Director
Nashville, TN
Retained Executive Search with an eye on Digital Transformation, AI, cloud computing, predictive analytics, and IoT.
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