(Sr) Java Developer - Fintech

Tyche Project - Boston, MA

Want to shake up the global economy by making money simple? With us, you can send money like a text — instant, secure and free — whether your friend is across the table or the ocean.

Unlike existing systems that are closed and proprietary, we use open internet standards and protocols, including the blockchain (allowing us to offer this service for free).

As part of our platform engineering team, you’ll gain real-world experience building and securing, production-scale services for consumer facing products. You’ll work alongside smart engineers who care about the product they work on and producing quality code.

Projects we are working on (and you may work on, too)
  • Build a secure full-stack web application that allows us to better visualize our liquidity in multiple currencies and bank accounts worldwide, as we focus on international expansion.
  • Productize machine learning models and build a world class automated evaluation system to manage risk exposure while delivering the best possible experience to our customers.
  • Be a hero for our finance team by developing an automated reporting framework that allows new reports to be quickly scheduled and downloaded each day, month, quarter or year.
  • Continue investing in our core technology and shared libraries by making it easier for all teams to leverage multi-region storage and infrastructure to improve our resilience during outages and increase our uptime.
  • Build an open transaction protocol where users can send money and exchange value that leverages both new and traditional technologies to deliver value the fastest and cheapest way possible.
  • Predict fraud before it happens by facilitating data science model creation and evaluation, and developing a high-performance rules engine.
  • Leverage blockchain technology in a new transaction framework so that Financial Institutions an exchange value and associated metadata in a compliant manner.
What you’ll bring to the team:
  • Experience writing code in Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python or Angular.js (this is our tech stack, some of these you’ll have and some you’ll learn)
  • Evangelize best practices for engineering teams, including ideas around design and code reviews and architecture
  • Interest in building large-scale, distributed systems
  • Interest in impacting the way money moves between people

Founded in 2013 by internet entrepreneurs and backed by $136 million from investors including Jim Breyer (Facebook), Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital (Baidu, Tencent), General Catalyst (Snapchat), and Accel Partners.


Posted On: Thursday, April 5, 2018
Compensation: $140,000.00

Position Contact
Bill Sullivan
(978) 381-3320
Boston, MA
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