Software Engineer - Help at risk students graduate

Tyche Project - Boston, MA

Our client is working on a difficult problem with no straightforward answers -- directly increasing the national graduation rate. As a team, they’ve chosen to tackle this problem because it’s one of the most important socioeconomic issues of our time.

What they’ve accomplished so far:

Outcomes: They are passionate about improving life outcomes for students, but dispassionate and scientific in how they assess their impact. They run randomized controlled trials of their mentorship program. In one trial, students offered their program were 22% more likely to stay in school and 5x less likely to be on academic probation than their peers who were not offered the program.

Growth: They have rapidly expanded a partner network to over 50 educators including Tufts University, University of South Carolina, and Penn State.

Cash position: This is their 4th consecutive year of doubling revenue and they are profitable.

Where you fit into plans for the future:

They are a team of 2 engineers at the moment (with 2 additional members starting in early June) and are looking to add 2 more. They want to work with like-minded engineers that love to solve difficult technical problems and want to apply their skills to something real. As an early-stage engineer at a company serving thousands of students, you won’t be able to avoid writing code that meaningfully affects someone’s life.

They are looking for someone who:

  • Builds maintainable and robust systems.
  • Is excited about learning, regardless of their current level of experience.
  • Is comfortable on the frontend and backend, or eager to become so.
  • Is comfortable with ambiguity -- correctly defining the problem that needs to be solved is just as important to us as solving it.

To be more concrete, they have a Ruby on Rails backend and an Ember.js frontend. (Though experience with either technology is not required). The product + engineering team is, in part, an R&D department that produces intuitive ways to improve student success through technology. Some example experiments over the past year: human-aided matching algorithms, automated SMS conversations with “chatbots”. They like to try crazy ideas, rigorously measure the results, and iterate.

Engineering values:

  • Be results-oriented. The best idea wins -- no dogma or religious scruples.
  • Stay focused on the users. Validate product before building it. We're constantly running experiments and interviews.
  • Build conventions into tooling. Static analysis, linting, CLI tools, and tests > documentation.
  • Do code reviews on everything that ships.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel. Leverage APIs and hosted services when appropriate.
  • On everything else, be flexible.

While this is an onsite position, we encourage engineers to work from home when they prefer it.



Posted On: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Compensation: $120,000.00

Position Contact
Bill Sullivan
(978) 381-3320
Boston, MA
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